Edito-Paule BOFFA-Comby: Inspiring Your leadership

ReThinkandLead.tv brings you independent content and a clearly committed editorial line to promote new leadership models based on trust, sense and creation of shared value.

A site dedicated to change leaders for:

  Inspiring you: Testimonials and videos 
  Act: Specially designed tools for change leaders from a solid experience of individual and team coaching 
  Benchmarking: Books and articles commented on to identify essential and directly operational points 

Why this site?

Finding No. 1

These constraints of competitiveness, responsibility and image create strong pressures and the need to find, implement and value new leadership practices and new profiles of leaders: the C5-leaders.

Finding No. 2

In order for the teams to mobilize for change, we must Respect/coherence/Pride
Our conviction: It is from the leaders that the evolutions are made and accelerated in the company

Finding No. 3

Our proposal

Rethink & LEAD: A step ahead to co-build a new paradigm.

At your side to speed up transformations and make a real difference by:

A common desire to “create shared value, sustainable growth and innovation through trust, sense and collective intelligence”

Shared convictions: “It is possible to lead in collective play and to capitalize on its values-respect and a pragmatic winning/winning spirit-while succeeding (even better) economically

Practices that place sense, trust and collective intelligence into levers of performance and success for the company and fulfillment for those who, many, are willing to contribute.

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